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Everythin345Archies™LED Night Light Desk Lamp Office Study Lights USB Rechargeable Magnetic Dimming Protect Eyes Bedroom Table Cabinet Lights

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Body Color:


• USB Rechargeable :This LED night light desk lamp is USB rechargeable, providing convenience and ease of use. No need for traditional power sources, just plug it in and charge it up.


• Magnetic Dimming :Equipped with magnetic dimming, this lamp allows you to adjust the brightness as per your preference. The soft, diffused light is perfect for creating a comfortable and relaxing environment.


• Eye Protection :Designed with eye protection in mind, this lamp emits a gentle light that is easy on the eyes, making it ideal for prolonged use in offices, studies, or bedrooms.


• Versatile Use :Whether you need a desk lamp for your office, a study light for late-night sessions, or a cabinet light for your bedroom, this versatile lamp has got you covered.


• LED Technology :Featuring LED technology, this night light provides bright and clear illumination, ensuring you have adequate lighting even in dark environments.


• Compact Design :Its compact design makes it an unobtrusive addition to any space, be it your desk, cabinet, or bedside table.


LED Night Light Desk Lamp Office Study Lights USB Rechargeable Magnetic Dimming Protect Eyes Bedroom Table Cabinet Lights


Product Information:

Color: White,Green,Pink
LED Qtys: 20LEDs
Power: 4W
Lithium Battery: 5V, 4000mAh
Dimension: 26*2.2*2cm
Charging time: 3.5 hours
Low brightness working time: 24 hours
Medium brightness working time: 8 hours
High brightness working time: 4 hours
Light color: warm white, white, warm yellow


1. Remote control, switch, color temperature, brightness, timing, remote control, timing switch, even forget to turn off the light can be remote;
2.Touch switch, three color temperature adjustable, adjustable light,the lamp body contains switch button, brightness adjustment button and color temperature adjustment button. Interactive touch control design, with touch to light up your life;
3.Simple magntic design, easy to move, multi-purpose lamp, both can be a desk lamp, can also be a flashlight, desk, bed, wardrobe are available;
4.Current stability, no stroboscope, no blue light, no blue light harm,no blue light hazard and no visible strobing can get more eye protection, reduce eye fatigue;
5. Anti-glare light, light diffused into the eyes through layers of filters, making reading more comfortable;
6.Easy to install, built-in magnet, free adsorption, smooth wall is also easy to install;
7.High color rendering, highly restore the true vision, color rendering index up to RA80, light can restore the color of the object;
8.USB charging, charging as needed, night power failure does not delay, learning and entertainment can to do ;
9.Long battery life, low brightness can last about 24 hours.

Dimmable Brightness:

There are 2 control methods, one is touch control, the other is remote control(remote control style). Short touch for ON/OFF, Long touch for brighter and dimmer, steplessly adjustable. 3 levels of color temperature adjustment, warm yellow light, warm white light and positive white light.

Packing list:

1 * LED night light

4*iron sheet

1*Remote control (if you choose without remote control, there will be no remote control)


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