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Everythin345Archies™Led USB Strip Light 5M Color Changing 5050 RGB LED Flexible Lights with 24 Keys for Children Gaming Room Home Party TV Backlight

$8.99 USD$16.89 USD


• Energy Efficient :With a power consumption of 4W/m, this LED strip light is an energy-efficient choice for your living room or gaming room.


• Versatile Use :From home parties to TV backlights, these flexible lights are perfect for various occasions, enhancing the ambiance wherever they're used.


• Color Changing Feature :The 5M RGB LED strip light changes colors, allowing you to create a dynamic and vibrant atmosphere in any room.


• Easy Control :Equipped with 24 keys, this LED strip light is easy to control, offering you a seamless lighting experience.


• Non-waterproof :Being non-waterproof, this LED strip light is suitable for indoor use only, ensuring its longevity and performance.


• Brand Quality :Manufactured by an unbranded company, this LED strip light promises the same high-quality performance and reliability.




RGB Multi-Colors Strips Light: With a controller, you can set different static colors, adjust brightness and select various color changing modes, light up your colorful life. Easy to install, can use indoor and outdoor, plug and play without wiring.

Widely Used: High-Quality Light Strip Decoration : High flexibility allow you to decorate various spaces in your home with incredible ease. Bend the lights around corners or in tight spaces to decorate your stairways, mirrors, or closets with quality lighting.



-Type: 5050 LED Strip Light Bluetooth RGB Lights Flexible LED

-Input Voltage:DC12V

-Emit Color: RGB

-Type: SMD5050 LED

-Led quantity: 30 LEDs/m

Package Inlcuded:

1x5050 LED strip light

1 x Controller

1 x Remote

Please notice:our remote controller ,power supply and connecting line is not waterproof!!!


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