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Everythin345Archies™Mafiti Electric Fly Swatter Rechargeable Mosquito Zapper Bug Zapper Racket Fly Killer Indoor Outdoor Light Camping Accessories

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  • 【 Powerful Fly Swatter & Single layer 】 Hit with one hit, nowhere to escape. mafiti MS400 electric fly zapper is very powerful with high voltage which kills most small flying insects instantly. Once the fly, wasp, mosquitoes or bug touches the layer it will be instantly zapped. No need to swing multiple times to zap bugs for single layer design.

  • 【 Rechargeable Bug Zapper & LED Light 】 Rechargeable Bug Zapper,Type C charging makes it convenient and safe. Avoid the hazards of disposable batteries. With LED light, easy to use it in the dark environment. Swarming bugs at night will no longer be a problem.

  • 【 Indoor Outdoor Control & Eco Friendly 】 Use it against fruit flies in the kitchen. Bring it with you during a barbecuing, fishing or camping trip with your family. Effectively zapper mosquitoes, flies, moths, gnats and other flying insects. No any safety risk to you or the environment.

  • 【 Easy to use & clean 】 Just hold the button on the handle to activate. Red LED light up to indicate it’s electrified. Easier to clean, because it’s single layer electric fly swatter, the flying insects will not be caught inside. Note : Please stay away from children, it does not have a three-layer protective net, please do not touch it when using it.

  • 【 Handy-size design】 Size L*W*H 16.9*8.7*1.2 in. It is doesn’t need more space when you waving or storing it. It is more portable. Package : 1*fly zapper,1*Type C charging cable,1*Manual.


  • Built to last,Made with ABS Plastic not brittle recycled plastic Forget about bug bites.It is time to enjoy a great day outdoors, regardless of what you choose to do.

  • With a simple move with the bug zapper! Any bug attacking you and your family will be zapped on the spot.

  • Whenever you press the ON button, Red LED light will let you know that it is ready for use indoors and outdoors. Operating button on the handle, for safety reasons!


The bug zapper racket will produce electric shock waves that will destroy bugs in a second,without you even feeling

  • Size: 16.9*8.7*1.2inch

  • Rechargeable

  • Rated power: 2W

  • Output Voltage Of The Metal Net: 3000 Volt

Widly Use

  • Indoor : easy to use with hand-size, ideal for home,kitchen use .

  • Outdoor : Bring it with you during a barbecuing, fishing or camping trip with your family. It's good camping gear when you camping .


  • Pls kindly fully charged before first use.

  • Type C Charging: Plug into any Usb device to charge this battery operated bug zapper fly swatter quickly and efficiently. Usb charging makes it convenient and safe.

  • 3000 Volt high voltage which kills most small flying insects instantly

Why it stop working?

Pls kindly fully charged it when you find it cann't kill flies. it cann't kill bugs when the voltage is too low. Pls kindly contact seller if you have any question

How will I know if it is on?

Red led light up to indicate it's electrified activates by pressing the "zap" button on it's handle without release

Will you get shocking?

To avoid electric shock or injury, don’t touch the metal net with hands or metal when in use. There will still be residual current after stopping use 3-5 seconds.You should hold the electric fly grip and wave the swatter to hit the bugs to kill them. After that, release the start button, the working indicator will dim , and the current will vanish in 3-5 seconds.

Is it rechargeable?

Yes, it's rechargeable design. Charging port is Type-C, packing with type c charging cable

How to clean it?

To avoid short circuit, keep the swatter dry and don’t wash or wipe it with wet cloth. Clean the metal net with dry cloth


  1. Please keep it away from kids and pets

  2. To avoid electric shock or injury, don’t touch the metal net with hands or metal when in use

  3. Don't use water to clean

  4. Don't squeeze the mesh layer


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