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Everythin345Archies™Marble Self-adhesive Waterproof Wallpaper Kitchen High Temperature Resistance Oil Proof Cabinet Refurbished Countertop Sticker

$11.99 USD$19.69 USD





Product Description:

Material:Vinyl Removable Peel and Stick Marble patterns Wallpaper

Features:self adhesive,waterproof,deodorant, mildew proof, anti-fouling, greening decoration, high color fastness.


Pattern element:Marble patterns Contact Paper

Applicable Scope: bedrooms, kitchens, living rooms, restaurants, coffee shops, dormitories, etc.



Existential troubles


Waterproof and oil resistant, easy to take care of.

The oil stain can be easily removed, and it can be kept clean, simple and practicall . 


Removable Self adhesive wallpaper

With self-adhesive, easy to pave and stick firmly, no blistering and not easy to warp, and can be removed by tearing off, leaving no residual glue and not damaging the wall.

Scratch-resistant and wear-resistant

0.26mm thick wear-resistant material to protect the table from scratches

Good heat resistance

Splashing with boiling water does not deform, easily cope with boiling water and hot soup, and does not turn yellow when exposed to heat,Good flexibility, anti-scalding and no deformation


The surface is upgraded with a smooth anti-scratch layer, easy to scrape and wash, easy to wash without damage

  • Due to the different shooting light and display screen, there may be some color difference between the product picture and the real object.

  • Buy enough wallpapers at one time to ensure that they come from the same batch to avoid color difference.

  • Do not remove the entire backing at once to avoid self-adhesiveness.

  • Leave a 1-inch margin on each side for later adjustments.

New Way to Transform your Home

This contact paper is a Marble pattern Contact Paper. Apply it to walls, backsplash, TV background Wall to transform that old surface into a beautiful elegant new surface.

Instructions of wallpaper

step1: Ensure that the surface of the object is clean and smooth, and measure the size of the area to be installed.


step2: Cut the required size according to the table on the back of the wallpaper, which is 1cm-15cm larger than the actual surface size after cutting.


step3: Carefully remove the remaining protective paper gradually.


step4: Use palm or spatula to smooth from center to edge to expel any air bubbles.


step5: If there are wrinkles or incorrectly pasted after pasting, please slowly remove and re-apply.


step6: Use a utility knife to cut off the excess part.





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