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Everythin345Archies™Men's Hooded Cardigan Wool Jacket Autumn/Winter Thickened Large Size 100% Merino Wool Sweater Zipper Casual Sportswear Coat Tops

$114.99 USD$213.19 USD




Merino, also known as Merino, refers to the wool produced by the Merino fine wool sheep

Merino wool originated in Australia and is now produced all over the world

In Australia, merino sheep are divided into four types: superfine, fine, medium and strong. Ultrafine wool has good color, soft feel and high density, and is used in the manufacture of high-end fabrics and popular clothing

Merino wool is extremely fine, each can reach about 17.5 microns in diameter, and the best can reach 11.7 microns, which is thinner than a human hair, only 1/10 of a human hair

Advantages of Merino wool:

1. Soft gold, feel second only to cashmere. Merino wool fiber surface scales thickness is thinner than ordinary wool, the number of up to 120, with extraordinary flexibility and softness. Therefore, merino wool products will not be worn tight

2. Merino wool is an active fiber that responds to changes in the wearer's body temperature, giving a comfortable feeling of warmth in winter and cool in summer

3. Merino wool can absorb 30% of its own weight of water, and relies on air to expel the water, so that the clothing has a good breathability

4. Antibacterial and deodorant

5. Uv protection, natural flame retardant

Reference size:

S:  Bust:  98cm,  Length: 65cm,  Sleeve Length:57cm,  Shoulder width:40cm

M:  Bust: 100cm,  Length:  66cm,  Sleeve Length:58cm,  Shoulder width:41cm

  L:  Bust: 104cm,  Length:  68cm,  Sleeve Length:   59cm,   Shoulder width: 42cm

XL:  Bust: 110cm,  Length:  69cm,  Sleeve Length:  60cm,  Shoulder width:43cm

XXL: Bust: 114cm,  Length:  70cm,  Sleeve Length:  61cm,  Shoulder width:44cm

XXXL: Bust: 118cm,  Length:  71cm,  Sleeve Length:  62cm,  Shoulder width:45cm

Note: (manual measurement, there may be 1-3 cm error thank you for your understanding.) And due to different display and different batch of products, the real picture may be slightly different. Thank you for your understanding.

This is Asia Size, 1cm=0.394inch, 1inch=2.54cm

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