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Everythin345Archies™Mini 100W Plastic Welding Machine Hot Stapler Bumper Repair Kit Soldering Iron For Plastic Repair Car Bumper Repair Welding Gun

$32.99 USD$57.39 USD



100W Rapid Heating in 3 Seconds】Experience fast and efficient heat with our mini plastic welder. Featuring a pure copper welded pipe and an anti-scalding handle, it heats up in just 3 seconds. With its quick heating capability, it ensures a secure and burn-free welding process.


【Easy One-Handed Operation】Our hot stapler welding machine is designed for easy one-handed operation, saving you time and energy. It is smooth and does not get stuck during insertion, providing a safe and efficient welding experience. This tool is a game-changer when it comes to improving efficiency.


【Precise Repair】With its compact design and removal of the traditional handle, our mini welding tool saves space and offers convenience during use. It allows for precise repair work, tackling even the smallest details with accuracy. This versatile tool is suitable for plastic welding, nail planting, crack welding, thermal cutting, and welding fiber.


【Wide Range of Applications】Our mini plastic welder is compatible with at least 98% of plastics available on the market. It is perfect for repairing various items such as bumpers, light holders, dashboards, headlights, plastic rings, spoilers, handles, radiators, plastic wings, car and motorcycle plastic fixtures, and more.


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