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Everythin345Archies™Mini Electric Eye Massager Eye Massage Facial Skin Care Vibration EMS Eye Care Anti Wrinkles Dark Circle Removal Face Lifting

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How to use?

1. After cleaning the skin, use the essence on the skin.
2. Press the switch button, and the 5 LED lights on of the color light lamp panel will light up together. The current intensity is 1 by default,Machine vibration function open, can feel the machine has a sense of vibration.
3. Adjust the current intensity according to your needs. The current indicator range is 1-4. The corresponding current intensity is from low to high. The higher the display number of gear, the higher the current intensity.
①Press the switch for the first time, the current intensity lamp 5 shows 1 gear
②Press the switch for the second time, the current intensity lamp 5 shows 2 gear
③Press the switch for the third time, the current intensity lamp 5 shows 3 gear
④Press the switch for the forth time, the current intensity lamp 5 shows 4 gear
⑤Press the switch for the forth time, the current intensity lamp 5 shows 4 gear
⑥Press the switch for the fifth time , the machine will turn off
4. When using, the hand must hold the conductive strip to form a loop with the body, acting on the facial skin.
5. From the bottom to up, inside to outside moves slowly on the skin. The skin gets slightly hot during movement, about 40 degrees, this is normal phenomenon, 10 seconds will be ring, 10 minutes automatically stop, 3 times per week, 10 minutes one time, must to keep the skin moist, need to constantly replenish essence.
6. Hand must hold the conductive bar so that the current can enter the skin.
7. Correct operating posture (The conductive head touches the skin completely)
8. Wrong operating posture (The conductive head cannot touch the skin completely )

9. Tips:
①Please do not use this instrument if you have skin diseases or are overly sensitive
②Stop using immediately if you feel any pain or abnormality in your skin or body
③Do not operate the instrument with wet hands
④During use, should complement essence ceaselessly, lest the skin is dry
⑤Do not use this appliance in bath or shower,bathtub, washbasin or other utensil.
⑥This appliance is for personal care only and is not suitable for professional use
⑦Please use the instrument in order of operation
⑧Please feel free to contact seller if you have any question.

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