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Everythin345Archies™Modern pendant Lights Vintage Hang lamp For Living Dining Room Bedroom Bedside Home Decor suspension luminaire indoor lighting

$63.99 USD$119.59 USD46% off

Emitting Color:

Remote dimming
3 color light
Cold White
Warm White

Body Color:

1head with no plug
1head with plug4m
1head with no plug4m
2head with plug4m
2headwith no plug4m
3head with plug4m
3head with no plug4m
4head with plug6m
4head with no plug6m
Type: DIY Line Wires pendant ight

(1)Body Color : Black

(2)Light source type :E27( include)Warm White (2700k-3500k ) ,Cool White (5500k-6500k),3 color light

(2700k-6500k,with Cool White, Warm White, neutral light,Control switching with your wall switch)

   Only (Remote dimming  ) option with Remote control switch.
(3)Main material:Aluminum + Wires( Al lighter and more resistant to corrosion than iron)
Notices : it can customized for the wires lengths and heads ,so if you have any more needs ,pls contact us

Close to the golden ratio, better looking

     The "golden section" is said to have been discovered by the ancient Greek mathematician Pythagoras and his school in the 6th century BC. Euclid said that the L line segment was divided into two parts, the longer part = the shorter part and the middle term of the total ratio, namely X :L=(LX):X, X≈0.618L.

They discovered this relationship in the composition of the five-pointed star, and used it to explain the artistic beauty of architecture and sculpture created by this relationship. The closer it is to the golden ratio, the more symmetrical it is and the more beautiful it looks.


One-piece foam, five-layer kraft paper carton is safer



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