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Negative Ion Hair Dryer Constant Temperature Hair Care without Hurting Hair Light and Portable Essential for Home and Travel

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• Constant Temperature Hair Care :Experience consistent heat distribution with this hair dryer's constant temperature feature, ensuring optimal hair care without causing damage.


• High Power Efficiency :With a maximum power of 800W, this hair dryer guarantees quick and efficient drying, saving you time and enhancing your daily routine.


• Anion Functionality :Equipped with an anion function, this hair dryer not only dries your hair but also leaves it smooth and shiny, adding a professional touch to your hairstyle.


• Portable and Unfoldable Handle :Designed with a portable and unfoldable handle, this hair dryer is easy to carry around, making it an essential tool for both home and travel use.


• EURO Plug Standard :The hair dryer comes with a EURO plug standard, ensuring compatibility with a wide range of outlets, enhancing its versatility and usability.


• Lightweight Design :Its lightweight design makes it easy to handle and carry, making it a perfect tool for those on the go.


Basic Details:

Power supply: Electric

Material: High quality flame retardant nylon material

Features: Ions

Use: Hotel, home, travel, Salon

Origin: Mainland China

Voltage: 220V

Temperature adjustment: Hot and cold wind/Constant temperature

Handle folding: Not foldable

Product size: 24.5*28*4.5cm

Product color: Black

Power cord length: 1.5m



1. Turn on the power first and then turn on the switch. The advantage of doing so is that it can prolong the service life of the motor and avoid damage to the motor due to sudden high temperatures. If it is not used for a while, the switch should be temporarily turned off first.

2. It should be gently handled and placed, and should not be swayed or shaken without stopping. Also, do not frequently change gears. The hair dryer should not be too close to the hair, nor should it blow straight and vigorously in one place. Do not blow against your hair or scalp to avoid unnecessary danger. The voltage should also remain stable.

3. During the process of using a hair dryer, if any abnormal phenomena occur, such as smelling a strange smell, hearing noise, or suddenly not working, the switch should be turned off in a timely manner, the power should be cut off, the cause should be identified, and maintenance should be normal before use.

4. Do not use a hair dryer in bathrooms or areas with water sources, nor do you use a hair dryer in high temperatures or areas with flammable materials. The duration of each use of the hair dryer should not be too long to avoid excessive temperature affecting the lifespan of the motor.

5. If the hair dryer has not been used for a long time and is taken out for use, it is best to first power it on for a while to remove moisture, and it needs to be checked for normal operation before use.


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