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Everythin345Archies™NETUM 10 Rolls/lot Thermal Printing Paper for Thermal Printer Barcode Sticker/Label/Adhensive Thermal Type for NT-G5

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NETUM LABEL Self-adhesive Multi-Purpose Label Compatible For NT-G5 Label Printer

1. NETUM label paper--This cable labels tags are made of heat-sensitive synthetic paper, and just for thermal label printer only,e.g. NETUM G5 / G8.
ink-jet printer is not supported.

2. Handwritten label paper stickers is not recommended because it through 7 process and film covering design

3. Have smooth and bright, safe and non-toxic pollution-free aterproof, oil-proof, scratch-resistant ,tear-proof, flexible and self-adhesive features, and the print content can be stored for about 2 years.


Wide Application--Clothing label, Continuous labels, barcode labels, FNSKU labels and UPC labels. It can be used for envelope,mail,letters address labeling. CD/Disk/Diskettes Labels, Barcode SKU Labels, File Labels, Cabinets/Boxes/Racking Labels, Product Tracking Internally and Part. packaging and other retail product identification, and distribution uses.

Scan the bar code of WEIDA label carton by WEIDA APP to obtain the corresponding tag template. Label paper reel core is affixed with corresponding label specifications, production batch number and APP corresponding template number.

Label Paper Size:

Multi-Purpose Label Rolls(30x20mm)

Cable Label Rolls(25x78mm)Yellow

Multi-Purpose Label Rolls(30x20mm)

Multi-Purpose Label Rolls(30x70mm)

Jewelry Price Label Rolls(30x76mm)

Multi-Purpose Label Rolls(35x25mm)

Multi-Purpose Label Rolls(50x25mm)

Multi-Purpose Label Rolls(50x50mm)

Multi-Purpose Label Rolls(50x80mm)

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