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Everythin345Archies™NEW Cable Tie Plier Fastening Strap Cable Tie Gun Automatic Cutting Tool Tension Stainless Steel Self-Locking Ties Hand Tools

$48.99 USD$90.99 USD



1. Ergonomic handle and trigger design of cable tie tool, and you can cut the zip tie smoothly.
2. Suitable for self‑locking and stepped stainless steel cable ties, such as bead‑type self‑locking and format self‑locking.
3. After the stainless steel cable tie is tightened, pull up the cutter bar, then it will be cut off easily and cleanly without sharp edges,saving time and effort.
4. Made of premium material for anti‑aging and anti‑corrosion, light weight and easy to carry.

Product: Stainless Steel Cable Ties 

Material: Stainless steel
Blade Material: 65 Manganese Steel
Handle material: TPR

Width: 4.6 mm
Thickness: 0.25mm
Operation Temperature: - 80°C to + 540°C
Tensile strength: 80 kg

HIGH QUALITY MATERIAL: Our tie tools are made of stainless steel material for excellent durability. Our stainless steel ties are stronger and more durable than plastic ties, resistant to oxidation, heat and cold, high strength and easy to use.
EASY TO USE: You simply attach the tie with a tie and squeeze the handle to quickly secure the stainless steel tie. Once the stainless steel tie is tightened, pull up on the bar and it cuts easily with a clean cut and no sharp edges.
Ergonomic design: TPR material handle for comfortable grip, comfortable operation, excellent wear resistance and anti-slip
Easy to work with: Our tie kit set includes a durable tie wrench and stainless steel locking metal ties. Our tie-down kits save you time in selecting and using tie-downs. Our kits are less expensive than buying them individually. Choosing durable tools will save you time and money on post maintenance.

Wide range of applications: Stainless steel self-locking ties are perfect for universal applications in auto parts, home repair, computer repair and outdoor repair.

Product List:
1*Tie Pliers Set

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