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Original 1:1 Macsafe Power Bank Magnetic Wireless Powerbank For iphone 15 14 13 12 Pro External Auxiliary Backup Battery Pack

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Battery Capacity:



The appearance is exactly the same as the official, and the product workmanship is first-class. In the case of dual pop-up effects during charging, only the iPhone 12 13 14 15/Pro/Max/Mini supports the aforementioned pop-up effects.

The battery capacity has been increased to 5000 mAh. The charging power of the LIlighting interface is 18W, the charging power of the mobile phone connected to the power supply is 15W, and the wireless charging power of the mobile phone is 5W.

It can not only charge mobile phones, but also charge devices such as Air headphones and smartwatches.


Product Model: for iPhone 12 13 14 15/Pro/Max/Mini External Battery Wireless Magnetic Charging Treasure Back Clip Mobile Power Supply


Product features: Ultra light and thin. Double pop-up window

Input parameters: 5V/2A

Battery type: polymer lithium-ion battery

Mobile power supply with cable charging power: 5W

Mobile power supply wireless charging output power: 5W

Product material: ABS+PC

Product gross weight: approximately 5000:110g /10000:195g

Purpose: For magnetic wireless charging

10000mah interface: Lightning

5000mAh interface: Lightning

Size 5000mah: 96mm * 64mm * 11.6mm

Size 10000mah: 107mm * 69mm * 18mm

Packaging standard: Mobile power supply * 1 manual * 1

Product packaging weight: 5000mAh 145g 10000mAh 250g

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