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Everythin345Archies™Outdoor Solar Tube Rope Led Light Garden Christmas Decoration 22m/12m Xmas Wedding Garland WaterProof String Light Fairy Strip

$7.99 USD$15.59 USD

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• Solar Powered :This LED light rope is powered by the sun, eliminating the need for traditional electrical sources. Ideal for outdoor Christmas decorations.


• Waterproof :Designed with waterproof features, this light rope can withstand various weather conditions, ensuring its longevity and functionality.


• Flexible Length :With a length of 22m/12m, this light rope offers flexibility in design and placement, perfect for both indoor and outdoor displays.


• LED Bulbs :Equipped with LED bulbs, this light rope provides bright and energy-efficient lighting, enhancing the festive atmosphere during Christmas and weddings.


• Modern Style :The modern style of this light rope makes it a stylish addition to any holiday decoration setup, adding a touch of modern elegance to your celebration.


• Easy to Install :This light rope is easy to install, making it a convenient and hassle-free choice for your holiday decorations.


Please note: When the light is switched on, the light is charging during the day and comes on when it is dark.


Easy to install. No cabling required

No electricity costs. The lamp is charged by solar panel under sunlight. Therefore, battery replacement is not necessary.

Two lights. Flash and steady light.

Length of the fairy lights: 7/12/22m (including 2 m connection cable).

LED quantity: 50/100/200LEDs

Waterproof. IP65. Suitable for outdoor applications.

With light sensor. The fairy lights turn on automatically in the dark and off at dawn.

Low voltage. The operating voltage is 1.2 volts. It's safe to use in places where you can touch.

Lighting duration:> 12 hours (at full charge)

Charging time: Not less than 8 hours in sunlight.

Environmentally friendly. No lead or mercury. No UV or IR radiation



Easy installation. No wiring needed

Energy saving. Charging through the solar panel

The length: 10 meters, 2m connection cable incl.

LED quantity: 50/100/200

LED distance: 10cm

Environmentally friendly. Without lead or mercury.

Charging time: minimum 8 hours in sunlight

Continuous light.12 hours of lighting.

Flash. 20 hours of lighting

With the light sensor. Automatically turn on at dusk, and turn off at dawn.



1x50/100/200 led solar light tube fairy lights

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