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Everythin345Archies™Outdoor USB Rechargeable LED Lamp Bulbs High Brightness Emergency Light Hook Up Camping Fishing Portable Lantern Night Lights

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• High Brightness LED Bulb :Experience the brilliance of our outdoor USB rechargeable LED lamp bulbs. Their high brightness ensures clear visibility in low-light conditions, making them perfect for camping, fishing, or any other outdoor activity.


• Emergency Light Feature :Designed with a emergency light feature, this lantern provides emergency illumination during power outages or other unexpected situations, ensuring your safety and comfort.


• Portable and Rechargeable :This LED lamp bulb is portable and rechargeable via USB, making it an ideal choice for outdoor use. No need for electrical sources, just charge it up and go.


• Versatile Beam Angle :With a beam angle of 360°, this LED bulb provides wide-angle lighting, making it suitable for various outdoor scenarios such as garden lighting or emergency situations.


• Cool White Color Temperature :The cool white color temperature of 5500-7000K offers a refreshing and alerting light, perfect for outdoor use.


• Durable and Long-lasting :Built to last, this LED bulb is designed to withstand outdoor conditions, ensuring long-term use and reliability.


"ABOUT WATERPROOF": This product is made of full body PP material, which is sealed and waterproof, and the waterproof level can reach the life waterproof level, when it rains or snows, please cover the orange rubber cover next to the charging port, then it can be used normally when it rains or snows. However, please do not immerse it in water or rinse it with a lot of water to avoid damaging the product.


"About Bulb Brightness": This product adopts 6* high brightness SMD2835 LED wicks, the brightness can be up to 500 lumens or more, the power is about 15-40W, the product has different brightness in different lighting modes.


"About accessories": This product contains 1 bulb, 1 hook and 1 USB charging cable, open the package please check the accessories carefully, if you find missing hook or USB charging cable, please don't give ask for a bad evaluation, and then immediately get in touch with us, we will compensate you.


"About lighting mode":This product has 3 lighting modes, press the switch several times, switch in turn: "high brightness, low brightness, flashing" the 3 modes.


"About the use of the product":The product is made of PP material, anti-drop, anti-shock ability is weak, in order to enhance the service life of the product, please reduce the friction and collision between the product and other items, please do not hit the product hard, or drop the product.


Product: Waterproof lighting
Product material: spinning aluminum lamp body PP lamp cover
Product wattage: 15-40W, different brightness in different lighting modes
Battery model: 14500 Lithium battery
Battery capacity: 1 lithium battery
Adjust the gear position: the third gear brightness can be adjusted
Light source chip: imported high-brightness chip
Light color: white
Lamp Bead Specifications: 6 * SMD2838 LED Wick
Working voltage: 5V, 1A
Applications: Emergency lights\Night booths\Outdoor activities, picking lights, night reading, picnic camping

Lighting time:

Strong light 1-3 hours

Low light 3-6

Flashing 10-12 hours

*Rechargeable light bulb, night market stall, power outage emergency, outdoor adventure
*Brighter than the same wattage, using the sixth generation of LED chips: More power, brighter and more stable
*More energy efficient, longer lasting power and worry
*Long life, LED high quality lamp beads, long service life
*High brightness, full charge can last for up to 3~6 hours (see specific properties)
*High-energy core rapid charging, central processing system, high conversion rate
Same capacity, our battery life is longer
*PP white lampshade, durable, high light transmission, rainproof
*Three-speed brightness adjustable
Click: highlight
Press again: soft light
Click again: strobe
Press again: close
Do you feel a lot more convenient when you buy a charging light
1. Comes with battery, no need to pull the wire, convenient and convenient, whatever you want
2. Power outage, outdoor camping, car breakdown, dry farm work, get a light, do whatever you want
3. Mobile night market stalls, a light in hand, everything is free, whatever you want


1*LED lamp

1 x USB Cable


Product detail display]]EASILY CARRIED]]

Compact, lantern-like and easily portable, this dimmable LED light lantern will follow you with no more having to bring batteries everywhere is a huge relief!   【   USB charging]]
The lamp can be charged by USB power supply.    


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