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Everythin345Archies™Pet Cat Litter Mat Waterproof Double Layer EVA Foldable Cat Litter Trapping Pet Carpet Bed Pads For Cats Pet Clean Supplies

$19.99 USD$39.19 USD


Black 30 X 45cm
Beige 30 X 30cm
Gray 30 X 30cm
Gray 30 X 45cm
Pink 30 X 45cm
Pink 30 X 30cm
Brown 30 X 30cm
Blue 30 X 45cm
Blue 30 X 30cm
Brown 30 X 45cm
Beige 40 X 50cm
Gray 40 X 50cm
Pink 40 X 50cm
Blue 40 X 50cm
Brown 40 X 50cm
Black 45 X 60cm
Blue 45 X 60cm
Gray 45 X 60cm
Brown 45 X 60cm
Pink 55 X 75cm
Blue 55 X 75cm
Brown 55 X 75cm

Pet Cat Litter Mat Waterproof Double Layer EVA Foldable Cat Litter Trapping Pet Carpet Bed Pads Cats Pet Clean Supplies


Material: honeycomb EVA integrated from top to bottom

Process: three side sewing and side opening sewing

Color: black, white, gray, coffee, color, blue


30*30cm 120g ,30*45cm 155g ,40*50cm 210g,45*60cm 360g ,55*75cm 470g


Product function: It is applicable to more than 95% kinds of cat litter. The upper layer is made of through-hole materials, and the cat litter can easily pass through. The lower layer is made of waterproof materials. The cat litter, urine and other dirt can gather here.

The litter pad is double layered design: the upper layer adopts hexagonal hole concave convex design, which can prevent the litter from splashing after falling, and the smooth touch of the ball can also prevent the cat from scratching. The lower layer is specially sealed to store the litter, and the bottom is designed with regular round holes, which can effectively prevent the cat from sliding and injuring.

The front and back sides are designed with openings, which can easily pour out the cat litter without any trouble and fuss. What's more, the cat litter can be reused, saving money while cleaning.

The material is made of EVA material with high elasticity. EVA is soft, washable, and not stuffy. It is suitable for cats who like soft touch.

Package Included:

1x Cat Mat


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