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Everythin345Archies™Recessed PIR Sensor Stairs LED Wall Lamp For Home Stairs Wall lighting Corridor Lamp AC85-265V Wall Stairs Lighting Sensor Lamp

$12.99 USD$27.29 USD52% off

Color Temperature:


Lampshade Color:

Sensor White
Sensor Black
Sensor Silver
Sensor Gold
4 Normal Black
4 Normal White
4 Sensor Silver
4 Sensor Black
4 Sensor White
4 Normal Gold
4 Normal Silver
4 Sensor Gold
Normal White
Normal Black
Normal Silver
Normal Gold

Recessed PIR Sensor LED Wall Lamp For Home Commercial Wall lighting Stair Corridor Step AC85-265V Wall Sconce Light Fixture

1.Material: PC

2.Volt: AC85-265V

3.Watt: 1.5W

4.Square:3-5 m²

5.Light source:LED chips

6.Color temperature:Warm white/Cold white

7.Body color:black/white/silver/gold

8.Fearture:recessed. not include the bottom box.

Radar sensor:
1.Sensing distance:4-6m
2.Sensing angle:180 degrees
3. The light will automatically turn off ,30 seconds after the person passes.
4.During the daylight or when the environment has strong light, the light will not turn on.
When the environment becomes dark and someone passes by, the light will automatically turn on.

Installation method:
1. Install the bottom box into the wall in advance. (This product is suitable for 86 or European standard bottom box)
2. Link the reserved wires.
3. Install the product on the bottom box and tighten the screws.
4. Cover the shell.
5. Finish.

PS:There is no difference in the appearance between the NORMAL MODEL and Sensor MODEL. Because the sensing element is built-in.If you have any questions about using it, please contact our customer service.

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