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Everythin345Archies™Self Defense Lanyard Monkey Fist Keychain Outdoor Security Protection Defensa Personal Steel Ball Women Survival Weapon

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Rest assured purchase

Our self-defense key chain is popular among women, students, car owners in domestic and foreign markets.


Application & overview

The product is made of high-quality stainless steel buckle and military seven-core umbrella rope. It is fashionable and beautiful. In an emergency, you can stop bleeding, make traps, bundle temporary tents, wear equipment to prevent loss, etc. You can use it for emergency help.

Detachable design

After disassembly, 1.6m long umbrella rope can be obtained for emergency survival, or knitting, winding and other purposes.

Premium umbrella rope

The pulling force of a single rope can reach 350lb, far exceeding the strength of a common rope. It can be dismantled into a life-saving rope that fully bears large weight.

Smooth and wear-resistant

The whole body is round and compact, the surface texture is meticulous, and the wear resistance is good at the same time.

Solid and reliable quality

The real seven-core umbrella rope is made according to 550 standard and wound by imported equipment.

Easy to carry

Equipped with key chain ring, you can easily attach to backpack zipper, keys or strings, bring you more convenience.


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