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Everythin345Archies™Smar 6MP PTZ WiFi IP Camera Dual Lens With Dual Screen Two-way Audio Auto Tracking Security Outdoor CCTV Vedio Surveillance ICSe

$69.99 USD$129.99 USD46% off

Sensor Size:



Now We willMIX AND SHIP RANDOMLY, and some customers will receive Type A of styles,some customers will received Type B of styles..If some customers only like Type A or Type B,please message to us on your order.


6MP Dual-Lens with Dual Screen Auto Tracking PTZ WIFI Camera

Dual lens, Dual screen, Notifications alarm, humanoid tracking, two way voice intercom 360 monitoring, full color night vision, IP66 waterproof, mobile phone remote monitoring,Share video, SD card storage, 24 hours video recording

Main Features:

● Dual lens camera. Top Lens is 3.6MM; Bottom Lens is 3.6MM
● Dual-lens dual-sensor dual-screen, wide-angle Viewing + Long Distance Viewing to achieve clear monitoring from far and near;
● Dual light source design, built-in infrared light + white light, night vision infrared and night vision full color can be set;
● Pan Tilt Move: Bottom Lens: Horizontal: 300 degree; Vertical: 90 degree.
● 2.4G WIFI + RJ45 network port for Internet access;
● Support TF storage and cloud storage (need pay in iCSee app);
● Two-way voice intercom, two-way video synchronous recording and playback
● Humanoid detection Smart Alert: Motion Triggered with Alarm, APP Push notifications and Alarm recording
● Auto Tracking: When ip camera detects object moving, it will auto move follow the object.
● Smart Phone APP name: "iCSEE" from Google Play or iOS APP Store

Packing List:

1x PTZ Camera
1x User Manual
1x Power Supply
1x Screws Bag
1x Waterproof Lid

6MP camera version:

Means that the single lens is 3MP, so the dual-lens is 3MP+3MP=6MP.

Dual Lens and Dual Screen

There are 2 video screens in APP, the upper one is fixed position camera and the lower one is PTZ camera.

Double Lenses ,Multiple Views

One camera can monitor two positions, which is equivalent to two cameras, saving you more money

Configuration of double-lens, a fixed -point monitoring, a pan -tilt monitoring dual lens monitoring, to capture more detail of the scene

300° Pan & 90° Tilt Rotate

Due to the horizontal 300° and the vertical 90 °, you can remotely control the wifi outdoor camera to view every corner via your mobile phone.

AI Auto Tracking

When someone passes through the protected area, the camera will detect the person's movement and follow the person.

AI Human Detection Alerts

Quickly finds human targets and immediately sends App notifications to your phone so you can see what's happening anywhere.

Color Infrared Night Vision

① full-color mode,
② infrared mode
③double-light alert mode
(infrared night vision is displayed when no object moves, and the white light will be turned on to switch to full-color mode after motion is detected).

Real Two Way Audio

Built in microphone and speaker,support real time video,which allows you talk with your visitor in real time wherever you are.

Three connection modes

① RJ-45 Cable connection
② Wifi connection(2.4G HZ WIFI)
③Bluetooth connection

IP66 Waterproof / Dustproof

The camera case is made of high-quality ABS plastic, which is waterproof, sun-proof and dust-proof. It is suitable for any environment.

Support TF Card Storage and Cloud Storage(Need Pay For)

The camera supports up to 128GB TF card local backup, and also provides cloud storage service;
First month cloud storage as free,If you want to keep using Cloud Service, you just need to pay for it , if you don't need to use , it will stop it automatically when you don't pay for the fee.

ICSEE APP Remote Access

You can get a live broadcast of the capture video anytime, anywhere. Supporting Multiple Users watching live video at the same time via phone APP.

Easy Access Via Mobile Phone In Steps

How to Add device steps?


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