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Everythin345Archies™Sofirn SC13 Mini Flashlight SST40 LED 1300lm 6000K Tactical 18350 Rechargeable Keychain Emergency Torch Led Light with Magnetic

$54.99 USD$98.99 USD

Sofirn Mini SC13 SST40 LED 1300lm Tactical 18350 Rechargeable Flashlight 6000K Keychain Emergency Torch Led Light
When you place your order, please note
With battery: Only one battery, no extra battery
Without battery: battery not included
Sofirn SC13 is a powerful mini flashlight.
At just 2.54 inches tall and weighing 1.41 ounces, the SC13 doubles as a carry-on keychain flashlight. This little thing emits a beam of up to 1300 lumens and reaches a distance of up to 217 meters. Tiny but mighty. Get the desired illuminating whenever you are night walking, working, in emergencies, etc.


Emitter:High-powered LED*1

Battery Option: 1×18350 battery

Working Voltage: 2.7V-4.2V

Mode Operation: Side e-switch

USB Type-C charging

Material: AL6061-T6 aluminium alloy

Water Resistance: IP68 waterproof

Size: 28.5mm ( head diameter) *64.6mm(length)

Weight: 40g(without battery)

Reverse polarity protection from improper battery installation.

Safety Instructions

SC13 is a powerful mini flashlight. Never stare into beam or point it directly at a person, or moving vehicles. Doing so could cause retinal damage. Please do not allow children to play with it. Strobe mode may cause seizure in persons with photosensitive epilepsy.

Operating SC13for a long time in high powered modes will quickly heat up the flashlight. This is normal.

Pay close attention to the proper installation of the battery. Alwayscheck that the positiveend of the battery faces the flashlight's head.

Please unscrew the light bodyhalf a turn or rotate the clip to the switch position to avoid unwanted activation during transport. It also prevents the battery from draining while the flashlight is in standby.

Never leave your SC13 with its face against any surface, including skin, while in operation. Transport or store the SC13 in a way that minimizes the chance it can accidentally be turned on. The resultant heat build-up can cause a fire, burns or damage the flashlight.


Package including:

without battery 1* flashlight, 2 * Replace Orings, 1* lanyard


with battery kit: 1* flashlight, 2* Replace Orings,1*18350 battery,1*USB charger, 1*lanyard




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