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Everythin345Archies™Stickers For Home Door Decoration Aesthetic Holder Poster Self-adhesive Wallpapers 3d Photo Science Fiction Stickers Anime

$12.99 USD$24.69 USD47% off


Sticker Size:

40x120cm 1piece
77x200cm 2piecess
85x215cm 2piecess
90x200cm 2pieces
95x215cm 2piecess

Matters needing attention

The product you received is 2 pictures,you need to DIY the overall effect shown in the effect picture.The product is only suitable for smooth cut-offssuch as glass, metal, and dust-free walls. It is not suitable for fabric surfaces,uneven
surfaces, or dusty walls.

Installation method

1. Remove the door handle and surface (free of dust and grease) Cleaning
2. About 10cm protective film (pattern Top edge) loose and bent
3.Straighten the foil,pin it and edge without creases
4.Remove protective film step by step and apply without bubbles
5.protruding film at the edges cut clean
6.Cut out door handle recess
7.Replace the door handle, if necessary. Blow-out-ready!

Product feature

(1)High quality material , easy to color, delicate feel
(2)Tear off the self-contained back glue and stick it without any residual glue, without peeling off the glue and damaging the door surface
(3)Selected imported vinyl materials feel fine and comfortable Oil and water proof
(4)300 dpi high-precision printing with imported inkjet machine brings you visual shock


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