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Everythin345Archies™Sticky Index Tabs Multicolor Classification Stickers Sticky Folder Index Label school Memo Notebook Sticker Office Supplies

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Sticky Index Tabs Multicolor Classification stickers Sticky folder Index label 120/240 PCS Memo notebook sticker Office Supplies


Product Name: Morandi Index Post

Material: paper

Large single size: 45 * 28mm

Large size: 60 pieces/bag

Medium size: 25 * 28mm

Medium size: 120 pieces/bag

Small leaflet size: 12 * 28mm

Small size: 240 pieces/bag

Weight: about 60g

Color: light color, dark color


1. 【Two Color System】: It gives us visual and spiritual resonance when used.

2. 【Paper material】: suitable for a variety of pen writing

3. 【Reuse】: strong viscosity, can be repeatedly pasted, tear without hurting the paper

4. 【Quick-drying function】: writing does not scratch

5. 【Transparent function】: transparent without blocking, clear presentation, can be used as key marks

6. 【Classification Guidelines】: Classify and organize documents for easy search

Package Included:

1 * Sticker


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