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Everythin345Archies™T12 Wireless Welding Station Soldering LCD Digital Display Rework Welding Station For Cell-Phone BGA SMD IC Repair Solder Tools

$91.99 USD$167.89 USD



• Digital Display :The digital display provides accurate and clear information about the welding station's settings, making it easy to use and adjust.


• Wireless Connectivity :The wireless connectivity allows for greater flexibility and convenience when using the welding station, as it eliminates the need for cords and cables.


• BGA and SMD IC Repair :The welding station is designed to repair BGA and SMD ICs, making it an essential tool for electronics enthusiasts and professionals alike.


• Rework Welding Station :The rework welding station feature allows for precise and accurate welding, making it ideal for repairing and upgrading electronic components.


Voltage: DC12V~24V

Power: 70W

Supported type: T12

Lithium battery interface: 18 - 21V battery for Makita

Battery life: 15~20 hours

Temperature range: 0 to 480°

Can match the battery: 1820183 0184 0185 0186 0...

Note: The new heating core needs to be applied to the process, it will emit a drop sound, and it will return to normal after 2 minutes

The machine can be used with original for Makita 18V batteries



1. **Compact and Portable:** Small size for easy portability.

2. **T12 Welding Head Support:** Compatible with T12 welding heads.

3. **Fast Heating and Adjustable Temperature:** Rapid heating with temperature control.

4. **Digital Display:** Clear digital display for precise temperature monitoring.

5. **Automatic Cooling:** Enters cooling mode when not in use, enhancing safety.

6. **Adaptable to Makita 18V Battery:** Can be used with the original For Makita 18V battery.

7. **Standard 20V 2000mAh A Battery:** Equipped with a standard 20V 2000/3000mAh A+battery.

8. **1.6A Fast Charging Base:** Comes with a fast-charging base with 1.6A charging capacity.

Product Packaging List:

NO Battery:

1 x Soldering Station


1pc 2.0Ah Battery:

1 x Soldering Station

1 x Battery (2000mAh)

1 x EU charger


1pc 3.0Ah Battery:

1 x Soldering Station

1 x Battery (3000mAh)

1 x EU charger


Notice & How to use:

Elektrik flipping iron base
1: rotate the encoder to adjust the temperature, slow turn, 1 degree per case,
5 degrees for houses.
2: Short press the encoder type sleep, any encoder action or vibration handle will exit sleep.
3: double click the encoder middle key to enter the reinforcement mode, any encoder action back.
4: In hibernation mode, long press the medium key to shut down, power on again or short press the medium key to turn on.
5: Do not need to enter sleep mode for a long time (default 5 minuteys), and if you do not need to enter soft shutdown mode for a longer time (default 30 minutes).
6: Hold the knob to turn left and enter the shutdown time adjustment, the unit is minutes, adjust the short press exit.
7: Hold the knob to turn right to enter the hibernation time adjustment, in minutes, adjust the short press exit. Long press can adjust the temperature parameters and calibrate the temperature.



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