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Everythin345Archies™TESSAN EU Plug Wall Socket Extender with 3 AC Outlets +2 USB Ports 5V 2.4A Adapter 5-in-1 Plug Socket with Overload Protection

$27.99 USD$48.29 USD


Tessan 5-in-1 Multi Socket with 2 USB Ports, 3-Way Multi-Socket Adapter with USB Charging Ports (2x Euro Sockets and 1x Schuko), Compatible with iPhone, iPad, Laptops, GreyModel : TS-324

Rated Power: : 3600W

Rated Input: 230V~16A Max

USB Input: 100-250V~, 50-60Hz

USB Output: 5V~2.4A 12W( 2.4A Max Per Port )

3 Sockets with 2 USB Ports

Simply plug the Tessan USB socket adapter into any standard earthed German socket to get an additional 1x Schuko socket, 2x Euro sockets and 2x USB charging ports

5-in-1 Splitter Socket

Max. power up to 3600 Watts (max. 230 V / 16 A). Double plug Euro socket (max. 230 V, 2.5 A). Double USB plug (2.4 A total, 2.4 A each max). Whether in the living room, in the bedroom, in the office or in the kitchen, there are always fewer sockets than devices that need plugging in. This product can meet your increased charging requirements from a single socket

Daily Necessities

The splitter plugs holds in place very well and will not fall out. Widely spaced outlets for large adapters, no concealing or overlapping of the other sockets. The distance between the two European standard sockets is 30 mm. The distance between the Schuko socket and European socket is also 50 mm

Space-saving Splitter Socket

This splitter socket without a cable is a space-saving solution and helps keep your things in order. Thanks to its compact size and lightweight design, it is easy to carry in a handbag, school bag, travel bag or briefcase when you are out outdoors

Suitable for All Occasions

Everyone needs a handy USB socket adapter. Our socket USB charger can be used in any indoor area. The subtle LED indicator lets you know whether it is charging normally, but will not disturb your peace


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