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Everythin345Archies™TESSAN USB Wall Socket Extender with 3 AC Outlets +2 USB Ports EU Plug Power Adapter Overload Protection Switch for Home/Office

$31.99 USD$56.09 USD


TESSAN USB Socket Adapter with Switch, 3 Sockets and 2 USB Ports (2.4A)Model : TS-322

Rated Power: : 3600W

Rated Input: 230V~16A Max

USB Input: 100-250V~, 50-60Hz

USB Output: 5V~2.4A 12W( 2.4A Max Per Port )

Output quantity: 3 AC Outlets and 2 USB Ports

Product Dimension : 16.1*7.8*5.5 cm

3 Outlets and 2 USB

TESSAN thief usb sockets can expand three AC ports and 2 USB ports from one built-in wall socket, you only need one TESSAN usb socket to charge 5 devices at the same time, no need to buy multiple chargers, this is a triple wall socket very handy.

Plug with Switch

This plug thief has a very useful switch, and you no longer need to constantly unplug the plug from the wall by force. When you need to charge, you only need to press the switch to use electricity, and when you don't need to charge, you can also turn off the power, so you don't waste electricity.

Dim Indicator Light

The multi usb socket has a soft blue indicator light, you can know if it is working, the soft light will not disturb you when you sleep. When you don't need to charge, you can turn off the power and the lights will go out with it. This 3 socket burglar is suitable for use in the bedroom.

Easy to Carry

The power strip is small, measuring 16.1 x 7.8 x 5.5 cm, can be placed in small luggage such as school bags, travel bags, briefcases, etc. Weighing only 230 grams, it is lightweight and suitable for your business trips. When you choose to travel for work or tourism with this plug, you will find it to be a great way to save space and reduce luggage weight.

5 in 1 Plug Adapter

16A maximum current. Switchable dual USB sockets (2.4A total, 2.4A max each), this socket thief is suitable for a variety of electrical devices, such as a laptop, mobile phone or tablet on the bedside table in the bedroom, and electric toothbrushes and hair dryers in the bathroom, rice cooker in the kitchen.


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