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TODN HIFI OCC power cable hifi high end audio cable gold plated plug US Vseries connection filter

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Introduction of TODN Single Crystal Copper Power Cable

1. The cable is made of 6N single crystal copper conductor, with faster transmission speed and stronger anti-interference ability, which can reduce the noise of your audio system
2. Pure copper plug shell can effectively prevent interference signals from entering the plug
3. The gold-plated pure copper plug has strong corrosion resistance, making the plug more durable
4.17.5mm diameter, cross section 480mm ² The current can be fast and stable by reducing fluctuations to avoid noise.

Single crystal copper conductor

The cable is made of 6N standard high-purity single crystal copper conductor, which can make the cable have strong anti-interference ability.

Pure copper plug

The gold-plated pure copper plug can make the cable have a longer life and maintain excellent performance after 1500 times of plugging and unplugging. The shell of the plug is also made of pure copper, which can form a shielding layer and effectively resist interference, so that you have no trouble with noise.

Cable diameter 17.5mm

Cross sectional area up to 480mm ² It can let the current pass quickly and stabilize the current without causing fluctuations and reducing the noise caused by the current

Suitable for multiple devices

Support connection of filter, power amplifier, player and other devices

Connect with filter and power cable

It can minimize the noise caused by power fluctuations in your audio system.


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