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Everythin345Archies™TOLESA 3PCS Metal Face Clamps Sets for Woodworking, 6" Wood Clamp with Adjustable Grip for Pocket Hole Joinery Cabinet Carpentry

$34.99 USD$53.29 USD


Metal Face Clamps for Woodworking - TOLESA 6 Inch Pocket Hole Jig Clamp 3Pcs Heavy Duty C Clamp Welding Clamps with Swivel Pad Adjustable Vise Grip Wood Clamp for Pocket Hole Joinery Cabinet Carpentry

【Wide Reach】 - Metal face clamps for woodworking offer a 45mm(1-3/4 inch) clamping depth reach with two different marring clamp faces and swiveling clamping pads large size: 38mm(1-3/4 inch) small size:25mm(1 inch). 3 Pcs 6-inch face clamps can apply to more working scenarios such as metalworking, welding, carpentry, woodwork, a flush joint during pocket hole assembly

【Ergonomic & Easy to Use】 - A single & simple screw of c clamp set can easily adjust the jaw opening & different clamping forces for various materials and thicknesses, wood or sheet metal. And covered by a non-slip rubber grip, wood clamps are more comfortable to use and ease the muscle fatigue

【Heavy Duty】- Vice grip clamps constructed of high carbon steel to improve the toughness & durability and plated nickel locking face clamps with elevated rust resistance and waterproof, perfect for welding, soldering, jointing, as an ideal table tools welding clamps. High density spring with traction generates stable & powerful clamping force

【Pocket Hole Assembly】- Pocket Hole Clamp with swiveling pads distributes clamping force evenly, and holds pieces flush during pocket-hole assembly. And drawer clamps with the circular face spreads force evenly preventing material from marring, keeping the pocket hole assembly safe, and protecting the items

【Pefect Gift Choice】 - Troubled with pocket hole assembly work? Maybe you just need a pair of Tolesa 6 inch face clamps to provide a flushing clamping force for your work. Get your welding, soldering, jointing done. It can also be an ideal gift for a boyfriend, daddy,good at carpentry

  1. Afraid of falling apart after one time use?

  2. Worried about having a wobble when tightened down?

  3. Small clamping force?

  4. Or hard to calibrate the proper angle or jaw opening?

  • 1. Made of high carbon steel and plated with nickel makes metal face clamps with rust proof more tough & sturdy

  • 2. C Clamp Set with swiveling pads distributing clamping force evenly, avoids having a wobble when tightened down

  • 3. Pocket Hole Clamp equipped with high density & resilient spring provides large clamping face and holds pieces flush during pocket-hole assembly

  • 4. Vice Grip Welding Clamps with Adjustable Screw helps you calibrated optimum jaw opening and clamping face by offering a 45mm(1-3/4 inch) reach

Unlike HSS, high carbon steel clamps have better toughness and sturdiness. And four rivets fix the whole clamp body and the triangle shape improves durability, which makes face clamp heavy duty for large clamping force.

C clamps with 45mm(1-3/4 inch) reach and not marrying pads have more applications such as metalworking, welding, carpentry, woodwork, pocket hole assembly.

For pocket hole assembly, pocket hole clamps with swiveling no marrying pads provides a flush joint.

Due to thickness, adjust the screw to calibrate the proper jaw opening and clamping force to keep two pieces together and quick easy release separate the pieces without any strength required

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