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Turtle Reptile Habitat Hiding Caves Aquarium Aquarium AmphibiousVivid Safe Shelters for Turtle Aquarium Terrarium Decoration

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Bullet Points:
1、【Intuition Training】Reptile hide caves can train the hide intuition of reptiles, relieve the mental stress of reptiles, and let reptiles live a healthy life and grow up healthily
2、【Realistic Design】Super high degree of simulation, no discoloration, it reproduces the appearance of natural rocks, suitable for sea turtles. It provides a crawling platform and safe hiding place.
3、【Reliable Material】The reptile habitat is made of environmentally friendly resin, which will not cause harm to your aquarium pets or plants, safe and reliable
4、【Gentle Slope Design】Easy for turtle to climb, wide flat top surface provides ample basking area, beautiful, calm hide form, provides a peaceful hiding place
5、【Wide Application】It can be used to decorate aquariums, water tanks, very suitable for aquatic turtles, box turtles or tortoises, spiders, iguanas, lizards, geckos, turtles, spiders
1. The reptile cave is beautiful in shape, suitable for different life scenes

2. The resin material is healthy, safe and environmentally friendly

3. The reptile cave can train the hiddens intuition of reptiles and relieve the mental stress of reptiles

4. Provide a safe haven for reptiles
Product size: 9.5*16*6.5cm
Product weight: 200g
Turtle Reptile Habitat Hiding Caves *1

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