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Everythin345Archies™Ultrasonic Therapy Machine 1.05 MHz Intensity for Pain Relief Device Ultrasound Physiotherapy Muscle Joints Massager No Drug Use

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Ultrasonic Therapy Machine 1.05 MHz Intensity for Pain Relief Device Ultrasound Physiotherapy Muscle Joints Massager No Drug Use

Gel as special cream item, we must use special shipping way to ship the it.So we will send separately 2 parcels to you.One Parcel include machine,another parcel include gel, maybe the delivery speed are different.If you have any questions,pelase feel free to contact with us firstly.

Attention: Gel needed when you use the Ultrasonic Physiotherapy Device, otherwise it won't work well. And there is no obvious characteristic to show how it works normally such as temperature rising or muscle vibration when using. We suggest you to drop water on the probe and you will see water atomizing when machine works, that mean machine works normal, you may have a try.Any problem contact us via instant message freely, we will give solution.

Ultrasonic Therapy Machine for Pain Relief Muscle Massage Ultrasound MHz Physiotherapy Device for Adults with LCD Screen Display
Using the characteristic of ultrasound which is good permeability in body's tissues, direction and superposed energy and using the heat effects,mechanical effects and physical and chemical effects, etc., release adhesions, improve local lesion microenvironment, improve microcirculation promote metabolism, improve tissue nutrition, widely used for soft tissue injuries and chronic pain rehabilitative care.
1.Mechanical function: the ultrasound have the ''micro massage" to the tissue substance and tiny cell. It could soften tissue, enhance penetration, improve metabolism, promote blood circulation, stimulate nerve system and cell, relief pain.
2.Heating function: it forms heat during ultrasound therapy, so it is also called as"ultrasound diathermy therapy". it is deep heating, that penetrate below the muscle. Thus, ultrasound therapy is applied to chronic soft tissue pain, arthritis, rheumatism.
3.Physical therapy function: based on the mechanical and heating function, it will trigger physical therapy.
Hydrogen ion concentration changes: inflammation tissue accompanied by acidosis phenomenon, the ultrasound can make the pH value changes to the alkaline, so that the symptoms are reduced, good to inflammation repair.
Effects on enzyme activity: ultrasound can depolymerize complex proteins into common organic molecules, affecting the activity of many enzymes.
Under the action of high-intensity ultrasound, many highly active free radicals can be formed in the tissue. They can accelerate the redox process in the tissue and accelerate the growth process.

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3. The packages may be slightly damaged during long-time transportation, but it doesn't affect the effect of our products.If your product isappear quality problem or beendamaged, please feel free to contact us, we will resend or refund for you.

4.If you want products packed perfectly (such as for gifts etc.), please contact us first, we can send the parcel with special package to avoid damage, but you need pay some extra fee.

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3.As you know, the delivery time is depend on the shipping company, the air line, the custom and the local post office, so we are not able to control it accurately.

If the parcel has not arrived in expected time, please feel free to contact us, we will track it and handle it with you.

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