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Everythin345Archies™Unloader Knee Brace for Osteoarthritis Arthritis Pain, Cartilage Repair, Bone on Bone Knee Joint Pain, Degeneration Knee Support

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【Unloading & Stabilization】

Unloader OA Knee Brace is profession designed for postoperative recovery and rehabilitation of the knee joint. Knee brace helps delay the need for surgery. Knee support brace can provide the best protection in all stages of knee joint rehabilitation. The OA support for bone on bone reducing knee pressure and unloading pressure off the knee joint. Medical offloading knee brace is effective in the recovery of medial and lateral chronic knee instability.


【Adjustable Design】

Improves Knee Mobility and Movement: This knee brace limits the knee joint's side movement, ensuring it stays aligned for more comfortable and pain-free mobility. It is designed to offer Valgus / Varus adjustment correction and can be used as a bowed knee brace for knock knees and offers superior knee rehabilitation from most injuries and preventing re-injuries.


【High-quality Material】

Breathable and comfortable nylon material, lightweight, high fit, comfortable to wear, can be worn for a long time in daily activities, very easy to use.

【Range of Motion】

The removable knee brace comes with adjustable knee extension and knee flexion sliders to limit and prevent knee hyperextension and flexion. Compared with other products on the market, this brace adds two hinge adjustments at the top and bottom for a larger overall force area and more uniform force. Ensures postoperative bone to bone knee support protection and perfect recovery from most painful knee injuries.


【Light & Breathable】

Knee braces for knee pain human designed with patientcomfort in mind to minimize any skin irritation or sensitivity. The knee brace straps are adjustable to fit up to 30” of thigh circumference and made with a non-slip lining that ensures the knee brace fits snugly and anti slip to achieve custom-fitted knee brace orthosis grip and fit.


【Orthopedist Recommend】

Arthritis Knee braces is widely used in hospital system. Leg braces orthopedic for pain knee brace helps reduce pain in patients who suffer from Rheumatoid Arthritis Knee Pain, Mild to severe unicompartmental Osteoarthritis of the knee, bone on bone knee pain. Knee braces for knee pain for men also helps support meniscal cartilage derangement, articular cartilage defect repair, and Avascular necrosis or tibial plateau fracture recovery, and knee cartilage repair.


Measurement Method


Three Point Systeam

Three-point orthopedic mechanics is adopted toexpand the space of the damaged joint by adjustingtheforce line, and two hinges are used to adjust the Angleto increase the force area and change the pressure onthe surface of the joint, so as to makethe support morestable, reduce the pressure and wear on the affectedarea, relieve pain, and resumewalking. As shown inthe picture, the inner pain isrelieved by increasingthe external pressure.

Offer Instrucation to Make Fitting Easier

1. Secure strap 1 around the should be abovethe calf muscle to prevent sliding

2. Secure strap 2 around the calf for lower leg stability

3. Wrap straps 3 & 4 for upper leg stability


Inserting peg in front prevents exten-sion(knee straightening)Peg in backprevents flexion (knee bending).


Use a screwdriver to remove screws for inserting flexion/ex-tension stops.


Pegs with rectangle back are forex-tension adjustment, round for flexion.Insert desired peg and reinsert screw.


Put screws back. Be sure that screws are seated and snug. Both medial (inside) hinge and lateral (outside) hinge stops must be identical in degrees.



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