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Everythin345Archies™V34 Teeth Whitening Toothpaste Serum Remove Plaque Stains Oral Hygiene Cleaning Dental Bleaching Tools Fresh Breath Tooth Care

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V34 Purple Whitening Toothpaste Removal Tooth Stains Cleaning Oral Hygiene Bleaching Dental Tools Fresh Breath Tooth Care 30ml


✦【Deep Clean Teeth】The V34 color corrector toothpaste penetrates the teeth gaps in the enamel to remove food particles and deep stains embedded in them.

✦【Color Correction】V34 uses color correction technology to whiten teeth, purple in the color circle is a contrasting color of yellow, which can correct yellow teeth and has an excellent effect on teeth white.

✦【 Advanced stain removal formula 】 Containing advanced stain removal formula, remove deep stains, make teeth whiter, smile more beautiful

✦【Keep Your Breath Cool】Mint is used for an invigorating menthol flavor that freshens breath. Menthol also has cleaning properties that keep teeth and gums strong.

✦【Compact and portable】 V34 color correction toothpaste Tooth white toothpaste volume is very small, easy to carry.


1. Follow the steps of brushing your teeth
Start by applying a pea-sized amount to your toothbrush.
2. Then brush your teeth with regular toothpaste for 2 minutes as usual.
3. Rinse your mouth with water after brushing your teeth


V34 Whiten



✦Red wine
✦Milk tea

●The perfect shade of deep violet purple, which cancels yellow tones
●Apply 2 pumps and brush for
2 minutes

Color Correction Technology

A new way to brighten your smile

●Conceals stains
●Improves brightness
●Neutralises yellow


✦Mot irritating
✦V34 Instant whitening
✦Protect teeth
✦The effect ls obvious

A new way to brighten your smile

✦Conceals stains
✦Improves brightness
✦Neutralises yellow

How to use Purple Toothpaste

▶STEP 01
Put a small amount of purple tooth-paste, about the size of a pea, on your toothbrush.
▶STEP 02
Brush your teeth for approximately two minutes.
▶STEP 03
Spit out the toothpaste and rinse your mouth thoroughly with water.


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