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Everythin345Archies™VELPEAU Sacroiliac Belt Support for Postpartum Recovery and Sciatica Pain Hip SI Joint Pelvic Belt Anti-skid and Wear Resistant

$41.99 USD$74.29 USD



Scope of Application:

1.Pain in the sciatic, lower back, pelvic, and leg due to sacroiliac joint instability. Can be used by both men and women.

2.Postpartum slimming, can effectively repair loose fat hips and O legs, tighten the waist and abdomen, help body repair. (For best results, it is recommended to use as soon as possible within 6 weeks after delivery, including women after caesarean section.)

3.Use this Sacroiliac Belt immediately after delivery to lift hips, and promote the recovery of waist curve. It can close pubic bone, prevent postpartum pelvis width, tilt (left and right hipbone and hip asymmetry), pain and other symptoms, so that to improve the pelvic environment, improve immunity, reduce gynecological inflammation.

4.For standing or walking for long periods of time during pregnancy.(Note that it is not used to carry the weight of the fetus.)


1.This pelvis belt does not compress the viscera or affect your daily activities.

2.Adjust to fit 25"-57" hip circumference.

3.High viscosity hook&loop, which is easy to wear, no need to take off clothes while using it.

4.The pelvic belt is made of highly elastic knitted material, which has good slip resistance, greatly reducing the risk of allergies.

5.Lightweight and breathable material, providing a more comfortable user experience.

6.This SI joint belt is made of exquisite materials, it will keep you in good mood and won't deform if used for a long time.

7.It can be used for long time standing, walking, doing housework, exercising, fitness and even swimming.


Color: Blue

Material: Nylon, Natural Latex, Polyester

Size: Hip circumference 25"-57" / 63.5-145cm



Package Included:

1*Sacroiliac Belt


1*Paper Ruler

1*Book Mark




●Keep standing, place the first elastic band horizontally above the pubic bone, and then stick it.

●Place the second elastic band horizontally over the first elastic band and stick it.

●Check the strap in case it will be too tight or too loose, to ensure the stability after wearing.

●It is recommended to wear it over jeans or fabric with an uneven surface to prevent slippage.

●Not recommended for sitting down.


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