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Everythin345Archies™Vision Care Eye Protection Anti-myopia Astigmatism Glasses With Holes Vision Correction Fatigue Protector Eyesight For Men Women

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1 pcs
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Function Description:
1. High-quality resin lens: This porous spectacle lens uses resin particles, which is essentially different from ordinary resin (CR-39) lenses. In addition, this lens inherits the excellent impact resistance of raw materials. At the same time, the weight of the lens is greatly reduced due to the high refractive index and light specific gravity.
2. Elastic paint resin frame: elastic paint is a two-component elastic hand-feel paint, and the product after spraying this paint has a special soft touch and elasticity.
3. Scientific porous design: using the principle of small hole imaging, pinhole effect, and scientifically designed pinholes, the positive light source can be injected into the cornea through the small hole to correct the light source to enter, improve the blood circulation of the eye, and reduce eye fatigue and tension .
4.No need for refraction: no need for refraction to avoid damage to the eyes due to inaccurate wearing of diopter lenses. You only need to wear it in school, reading, writing, and watching TV.
5.Ergonomics-body nose pads: One-piece nose pads designed according to ergonomics, effectively reducing the pressure of the glasses on the bridge of the nose. The soft material makes it more comfortable to wear without pressure.
Color: Black
Weight: 50g
Material: Plastic Frame+Resin Lens
Size: As picture show
Packing list: 

1 Pair X Glasses

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