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Everythin345Archies™XIAOMI MIJIA Smart Blender Household Juicer Fruit Food Processor Ice Smoothies Juicer Kitchen Lower Noise Soymilk Maker

$218.99 USD$395.19 USD

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Note Before You Buy

* Support Mi Home APP remote operation, APP support English menu display, you can use APP instead of buttons to operate the machine.


XIAOMI MIJIA Smart Blender


1. Household multi-function mixer, both hot and cold drinks, hot and cold capacity 1600ml, hot drink capacity 1200ml.


2. It can be used to make rice paste, soy milk, thick soup, corn juice, juice, milkshake, etc.


3. 9 speed adjustment, knob to adjust stirring speed.


4. Smart MI HOME APP operation, support reservation, view recipes, remote control.


5. 12-hour appointment, 4-hour keep warm.


6. Easy cleaning, after adding water, start the button to complete the stirring and cleaning.



Rated voltage: 220V

Mixing power: 1000W

Maximum capacity of hot drink: 1200ml

Maximum capacity of cold drink: 1600ml

Product size: 188 × 222 × 436mm

Product model: MPBJO01ACM

Rated frequency: 50Hz

Heating power: 800W

Wireless connection: Wi-Fi IEEE 802.11b/g/n 2.4GHz



9-speed frequency conversion breaks the wall, meticulous, delicious and nourishing.

Intelligent broken wall cooking | 8-leaf stainless steel blade.

Expandable food harmony mode | 12-hour appointment | Smart APP linkage.Wall breaking, grinding, ice breaking and juicing hot and cold doubles for the whole family.

The maximum capacity of hot drink is 1200ml, and that of cold drink is 1600ml.

The old keep healthy, while the young squeeze juice and break ice.
8 kinds of common modes, one machine can make the pattern nutritious and delicious.
The OLED knob is rotated slowly and pressed lightly, and two touch buttons are used to avoid the complexity.

Equipped with LED knob, rotation selection mode, not only can control but also the screen.
It is equipped with "Appointment" and "Cancel" touch buttons to avoid tedious operation.
Super easy to use manual mode support shift adjustment in mixing.
In manual mode, the cooking gear can be adjusted according to the actual needs, and it supports shifting while stirring.

In cooking, rotate the knob, and the gear immediately rises and falls to finish cooking efficiently.

MI HOME APP intelligent linkage, support remote control.
lt can also unlock the cooking app, connect to the cloud and start to customize the recipes.
Unlimited cooking and delicious food.
High-powered motor, strong torque, surging power, fully stirred, releasing a detailed nutritional deliciousness, the achievement of delicate good taste.High and low load speed stability, cooking effect is consistent.
8 blade steel blade, multi angle cutting, stirring to the end.
Heavy steel blade, sharp teeth, multi angle cutting, easy to solve difficult food.
The bottom heating plate device is suitable for heating and boiling.
Cold and hot high borosilicate glass, the cup is thick without fear of sudden cold and heat.
1600ml large capacity, thick cup body, no burst during quenching and heating.

Four rib spoiler design, disturb the eddy current in the cup, let the food get full grasp.
12 hours long-term appointment,4 hours intimate insulation.

Two steps before going to bed, finish the coumarin soybean milk.
Put in the amount of soybeans, excipients and water, and start the appointment time.
Fresh soymilk is waiting for you to wake up.
Four hour automatic heat, preservation design for hot drinks, nutritious food to keep warm for you.
Equipped with cleaning mode water saving, high speed cleaning.
The magnetic control induction protection system can guarantee all aspects of safety.

We will send you the plug adapter or conversion plug of your choice.



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