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Everythin345Archies™XIAOMI MIJIA Smart Blender S1 Household Juicer Fruit Food Processor Ice Smoothies Juicer Kitchen Lower Noise Soymilk Maker

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XIAOMI MIJIA Smart High Speed Blender S1


* Quiet operation, low 42dB(A) noise level with 12-fold noise reduction.


* Efficiency and speed, 18-minute hot water pulping, 40% efficiency boost, 30000r/min high-speed motor, 800W high-power heating.


* Quality build, ceramic glazed non-stick base, 8-blade stainless steel wall-breaking blade, 1500mL large capacity for family use.


* Smart features, one-button quick cleaning with high-temperature sterilization.


* Safety assurance, multiple safety protections for worry-free use.


* User-friendly design, split structure for easy cleaning, multi-function knob control.


* High quality materials, high borosilicate glass cup, silicon shock-absorbing seal ring.



XIAOMI MIJIA Smart Silent Wall-Breaking Cooking Machine.


42db(A) low sound wall-breaking, fresh nutrition in 18 minutes.Quiet, fast, and fragrant, fresh nutrition at your fingertips.


42db(A) true low sound, 12-fold noise reduction from the source.


18 minutes for hot water pulping, 40% efficiency improvement.


Ceramic glazed non-stick base, anti-sticking and easy to clean.


8-blade stainless steel wall-breaking blade for thorough mixing.


One-button quick cleaning, high-temperature sterilization for safety.


24-hour smart reservation, well-organized healthy living.


Multiple safety protections, worry-free usage.42dB(A) true low sound for a quieter cooking experience.


As low as 42dB(A) for silent wall-breaking, gentle sound that won't disturb family members during joyful cooking.12-fold noise reduction from the source, layered noise reduction creates a quiet wall-breaking experience.


Noise-blocking feeding cover, blocks z-axis sound transmission.


Soundproof cup lid, prevents noise from overflowing.


Silicone shock-absorbing seal ring, flexible shock absorption, reduces secondary noise.


High-quality silicate glass, effectively isolates chamber crushing noise.


Silent cover soundproof compartment, changes noise transmission medium, continuously reduces noise.


Base shock-absorbing pad, effectively filters body vibration.


Soft sound motor, delicate and soft sound, stable power.


Coaxial blade motor, eliminates additional noise and vibration from the connecting structure.


Noise-reducing blade, curved back design reduces liquid turbulence noise.


Motor heating plate integral structure, reduces noise and vibration caused by assembly chain.


Spiral noise reduction air duct structure, upper and lower layers spiral to extend sound transmission path, weakens noise energy.


Cup body sinks into the mainframe structure, effectively isolates cup body noise.Brand new 18-minute hot water quick pulping.


40% efficiency improvement.


Dry beans do not need soaking; just add hot water and stir for 18 minutes to make a nutritious breakfast even in a tight schedule.Deliciousness not only needs to be fast but also delicate and aromatic.


8-blade stainless steel wall-breaking blade, s-shaped blade with shark fin pattern increases contact area for better efficiency, while rolling and beating for a finer and more thorough result.


30000r/min high speed motor, high-load motor with strong torque, powerful stirring.


800W high power heating, cast aluminum heating plate for efficient and uniform heating.1500mL large capacity, shared by the whole family in one cooking.


Designed for family use with large capacity, meeting the nutritional needs of the whole family.


7.5 cups of cold drinks, 1500mL (200mL/cup).


5 cups of hot drinks, 1000mL (200mL/cup).Split structure, easy to lift the cup, easy to clean.


The cup body and base are designed separately, making it easy to lift and pour, and more convenient for cleaning.24-hour long-term reservation for a well-organized healthy life.


Supports up to 24-hour reservation, with 4-hour insulation.


Reasonably arrange nutritious meals for a well-organized and healthy life.Ceramic glazed non-stick base, anti-sticking and easy to clean.


Ceramic glazed non-stick coating effectively prevents sticking, making cleaning easier.One-button quick cleaning, high-temperature sterilization for safety.


Easy one-button quick self-cleaning, and through the Mi Home APP, it can be hot air sterilized for efficient cleaning of stubborn food residues while achieving a high sterilization rate of 99.99%.


99.99% E. coli sterilization rate.


99.99% staphylococcus aureus sterilization rate.Multiple safety protections, worry-free usage.


Multiple safety protections ensure safe use, allowing you to focus on cooking with peace of mind.


Lid opening protection, overheat protection, motor blocking protection, anti-overflow protection.More thoughtful details.


1. Multi-function knob control, easy to operate.


2. Cup mouth exhaust design, safe anti-overflow.


3. High borosilicate glass cup, safe and wear-resistant.Package List.


Mi Smart Silent Wall-breaking Cooking Machine S1 x1

Measuring cup x1

Brush x1

User manual x1We will send you the plug adapter or conversion plug of your choice.


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