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Everythin345Archies™ZOSI C298 2.4G WiFi 8MP Dual-Lens(2x4MP) Security Camera Outdoor 8X Hybrid Zoom PTZ Cam Wide-Angle Human/Vehicle Detect IP Cam

$192.99 USD$355.09 USD


Noted Before Buy

8MP=4MP+4MP,it means 4MP+4MP dual lens.


ZOSI C298 WiFi 8MP Dual-Lens Security Camera Outdoor Motion Tracking 8MP PTZ Cam 8x Hybrid Zoom Wide-Angle Telephoto Human Detect IP Camera.


Big Picture, Big Details, All-in-One View

Different from ordinary dual lens,ZOSI's Wide-Angle & Telephoto dual Lenses camera captures both panoramic view and close-up images of the same event synchronously, and presents them on the same screen.


Instant Focus at Your Fingertips

Manually control the calibration point to the specified position on the bullet camera screen, and the PT camera will move to the corresponding screen.


Dual Images,Two in One

In addition to same area for big picture and big details,this 4MP+4MP dual lens camera can also monitor two different areas at once according to your security needs,which is equivalent two cameras,saving you more money.


Optional Night Modes for Your Preferences

The built-in IR LEDs and powerful spotlights allows you to see up to 100ft in night. It also support 3 night vision, Black&White night vision, Full color night vision(Color vision all the time), Smart night vision(trigger by motion detection).


Auto-Tracking of Detected Target

C298 pan-tilt camera can detect and track the moving target automatically to provide seamless details.


Hear and Talk from Afar

Hear and talk directly to anyone who steps into your property via clear 2-way audio.


DIY Voice Alerts

Pre-record your own voice for customized greeting or deterrence.


AI Virtual Perimeter,Creat Your Security Fortress

Guard your property with an AI Virtual Perimeter, the digital fortress that alerts you to any intrusion. Stay one step ahead of potential threats.


Smart Detection & Alerts,Focus on True Threats

Stay alert with precise person detection. Receive instant notifications of any potential danger.


Light & Siren Powerful Intruder Deterrent

The bright lights and loud siren work in tandem to deter threats before they even get close.


Monitor Specified Areas

Customize detection areas to focus on what you really care, reducing useless false alarms.


Quick Focus on Priority Zone

Define important zones like entrances or driveways, and simply click to focus the camera there. Effortlessly switch between these points of interest for quick surveillance.


Stronger WiFi Connection

3dBi dual antenna provide enhanced network performance for a smoother view of your home and business.


Designed for All Weather Use

The strong, durable construction and weather-sealing make this camera tough enough to surveil both inside and outside, in any harsh weather conditions.


Intuitive Playback Timeline

Review recorded footage with highlighted lines on the timeline that indicate motion events.


Dual View, Live View

Watch live feed of everything with the wide-angle view and zoomed-in closeups in super HD anytime, anywhere, from any device.


Record with Micro SD Card or Cloud

Secure your valuable footage either on a micro SD card (max 128GB) for local control or in the cloud for seamless access.


Expanded Recording Options

Extend your recording capabilities by connecting the camera to a ZOSI WiFi NVR, allowing for a longer recording time and uninterrupted surveillance.


Flexible Installation

With a unique bracket design,ZOS's C296 can be flexible wall-mounted or ceiling-mounted.


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